Someone asked my mom how I stay so positive.  I think I was always a fairly positive person.  But more importantly I have learned that staying that way even in the midst of chaos takes choosing the filter through which I see the “what is” in my life.

I have had my ups and downs just like everyone.  Parts of my life didn’t exactly go as planned.  One biggie was getting divorced.  I am sure no one gets married thinking that it won’t last, but I really did think that I would be half of one of those old couples you see.  And it didn’t happen that way.  Some life got in the way.  Having said that, it may have been the single biggest event in my life from which I learned the most valuable lessons.

I even had some spiritual “aha” moments.  And the most important thing I learned is that I can choose how I view my life.  I can see the problems and get into some self pity.  Or I can see solutions.  I can look at the people in my life who are causing me pain or trouble and focus on all of their flaws and “issues” or I can see them as a perfect “soul” amidst an imperfect human circumstance.

I can find the “oh woe is me’s” or I can look at life as a big adventure that I am working my way through.  I can find anyone and everyone to help me gather evidence that I am “right” and others are “wrong” or I can just lean back and be more of an observer and allow the drama to happen without my participation.

I have learned (when I am doing things consciously and with purpose) that I can look at what is just long enough to use it as a guide to bounce off toward all of my goals and dreams.  The alternative is just getting stuck in the drama of it all and feeling sorry for myself or others, none of which does anyone any good.  Life has ups and downs there is no question.  But I choose to focus on the positive, look for the good, be grateful for all that is good and look toward my big dreams.   If that is staying positive, then I am guilty.  But it works for me.  Namaste.