The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal.
It can’t be organized or regulated.
It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path.
Listen to your own truth.
— Ram Dass

More than ever I know this to be true.  We can all get caught up in our “views” on just about anything.  Especially true around elections.  We KNOW we are RIGHT.  And more importantly, it is easy to demonize those who are on the “other side”.  The same can be true of family situations, personal choices and just everyday life.  But we each have a short time on this earth, even if we live for a long time.  And it is our path.

The older I get the more I believe that my path is my path.  And my kids paths are rightfully theirs.  Having just come off a tumultuous several weeks with issues related to my mom and her choices with everyone chiming in with their wisdom, the bottom line is, her choices are hers alone.  And my role is to support her.  The same with my kids, my friends and others in my life.

I have family members and friends who live lives that are just right for them…and yet I don’t want their life.  I know people who live in beautiful places and again, I don’t want their huge homes or lives.  I am at a place where finding my own peace and joy is right here in this red hot moment and not out somewhere where I am not.

What is important is family and a handful of close friends and my larger group of other friends and colleagues and even a few random people thrown in the mix.  Relationship.  Loving people.  Loving what is.  Loving the day, the rain, the sun, the sunrise and sunset.  Loving this moment and feeling the pull of the next without attachment.  Looking toward what will be without trying to force it.  Being a stand for peace in the greater sense and also in the close up and personal sense.

Working on my own sense of the spiritual and the divine.  Knowing that divine timing is at work.  Knowing that there is a greater good and purpose to the everyday trials.  And leaning back to allow the drama and worry to flow past without getting caught up in it.  That is my journey.  The journey of my spirit, my soul.    Namaste