“You have to break the habit of thinking that the solution to your problems is to rearrange things outside.”  Michael Singer  The Untethered Soul

I have begun re-reading this book.  He says that those voices in our head are not us.  Have you ever carried on entire conversations in your head?  Argued both sides?  Called yourself names?  Heard that loud voice that finds everything wrong with you and keeps you from even being YOU?  Well, you are not alone.  We all do that.

Singer calls that voice your “roommate”.  Imagine that voice as a person sitting next to you and saying those things.  Would you tolerate it?  Would you choose to be “roommates” with that person?  Would you even like that person?  Frequently, not.  It is the voice that evokes fear.  It looks at what is and finds what is wrong.  And that voice is NOT you!

You are merely the observer of the voices in your head.  The true you is there, but the voices keep the true you from being all you can be.  He suggests just leaning back and consciously being the observer of the voices.  I love that.  When I get caught up in my own head, fears, worries and internal drama, I lean back.  That is not ME.

I have been working with a mantra:  Divine Timing.

All is well in the here and now.  Divine timing is my birthright.  I have evidence that when I just allow, everything does work out.  It does not mean not taking action.  But there is a huge difference between reactive and busy work action vs. inspired action.  When I can lean back and just allow, the answers come.  My inspired action just comes to me.

And when I am operating from inspired action I have the time I need, I meet the people I should meet.  Work is fun, play is fun, life is fun.  I can enjoy what is.  I have the right words.  And all is well.

A few things that help me lean back from the voices are finding things to be grateful for every day.  Writing about those things during the day that have been meaningful.  Simple exercise can release the “stuck” feeling, and frequently answers appear.

May your day be filled with love, joy, inspired action, and Divine timing.  Namaste