When you do things from your soul, you feel a river. moving in you, a joy. ~Rumi

Summer is coming to a close and September looms I feel a sadness at the speed with which it all flew by.  This year it feels like it never began.  I am living my life in segments currently and the fall begins the next chapter.  I am still working out the details and there is an unsettled feeling along with an excitement as the path unfolds.

And it is very easy to jump into worry mode.  Thinking mode, or dare I say over-thinking mode.  What will it look like?  How will I feel about it?  Is it the right thing?  Akkk-Ekkk!  I go back to this Rumi quote which I love.  I breathe.  I allow.  I let my “soul” speak.  I quiet my overactive mind.  I get into the space of knowing that all is well.  That my life revolves around Divine Timing.  And that I can always ask for “this or something better”, and when I am open to it, it appears.

That happened yesterday as I made some jigs and jags in my plans and I found something that was pretty good and yet I had some reservations.  My sister reminded me to allow for “this or something better” and something better showed up!  Voila.  The trick is to remember this when in the thick of it.  Feel the river moving in you, a joy.

Life is a journey, an adventure.  And I know that for me, when I am open and allowing and joyful, good just arrives on my front step.  Since I have been using “Divine Timing” as my mantra I am noticing the many times it happens.  Parking spots, especially.  They just appear.   Right in front of where I want to be.   And when that happens I give thanks, allowing for more good.  Smaller victories lead to bigger and bigger ones.

I feel on the verge of huge things happening.  The river is flowing more freely and faster.  I am quicker to get centered and back in the flow.  I feel more joy and anticipation of all that is my Divine right.  Namaste task planning.