imagesYou are always connected to Source. Wherever you are, wherever you go, you are always connected to Divine Wisdom, Divine Intelligence, and Divine Love.

Neale Donald Walsch

I love the word Source, as it just feels right to me.  Some call it God, others The Universe, still others, Buddha, Jahweh and there are others.  In seeking the Divine, I believe there are many paths and sometimes I have seen certain trigger words set off huge disagreements and conflict.  Carried to the extreme, history is full of religious wars.  My way is better than yours.  My way or the highway.

I have mentioned that I am centering myself with the mantra “Divine Timing” recently.  But I love this quote from Walsch because Divine timing is also about Divine wisdom, intelligence and love.  When I am in the flow of Source I am living from a sense of joy, a sense of love.  When I get stressed and worried, I am blocking that flow. When I am working from the flow of Source, outside circumstances matter not.  When I am blocking flow the smallest thing can set me off on a bunny trail of anxiety and worry.

When I remember that Source is my Divine and unending supply, I know that a power greater than just me is at work providing all that I could want or need and MORE than I can even imagine.  I have seen it work so many times about things big and small.  The human experience is our teacher when we allow ourselves to be students of it rather than trying to be the ultimate controller of it.

I know that the more I try to “control” my life, the more I feel like I am pushing against something and am not living in the flow of all good.  When I can remember to breathe, know that all is well, and that Source has more in store for me than I can imagine, things do work out and often better than I could have planned or controlled into existence.

It is not always easy to let go and let God or Source.  Being at a time in my life where a lot is up in the air can make for my getting caught up in worry about the future.  But today is the day I have right now.  Now is the time I can live IN or spend useless energy looking forward or back.

Reminder to self:  Breathe.  All is well.  Now.  Divine Timing and Divine Love are at work.  I am whole and complete.  All that I want or need is being planned for me by a Source greater than me.  Namaste.