Meet Betsy

I started my career in banking and eventually became a Treasury bond trader on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. I retired when my kids were little to be a mom and loved my time home. When I got divorced about 18 years ago, my kids were still young and I could not imagine leaving them all day. And I also could not imagine having a “boss” again!  I started on a path to find work that was flexible, made me good money and was my passion. I did a variety of things including IT recruiter (from home), real estate rehabbing, and I even tried to get a carpet cleaning business going (not my passion)! None were a real fit, but I slowly began to find myself, realize my gifts and a career was born.


I am currently following a passion for LIVING CLEAN and getting the toxins out of our homes and our bodies! I am helping to launch a HOT brand of safe and affordable products. As a social marketer, I am able to offer a $10 off coupon to my friends which they can then offer to their friends. A program we call SHARE THE LOVE.


I also love to speak, write, coach and help others find their passions and have success. And in my spare time I play tennis and Pickle Ball.   I can be found in Chicago, Northern Michigan in the summer and all over the world working with my team!

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